LOEWE imple­ments “turnkey” construction projects as a general contractor or a sub-trade contractor. Contracting and subcon­tracting is offered for both the private and public sectors as well as large-scale industry. LOEWE is also a pre-qualified company to provide services for the public sector. With its reliable team of experts for indus­trial, building and interior construction, LOEWE ensures first-class and on-time imple­men­tation of your construction projects.


The core compe­tences of the LOEWE Indus­triebau team include building founda­tions for instal­la­tions, furnaces and machines, as well as specialist works, such as settling basins in industry.

  • demolition and excavation

  • formwork erection

  • concrete pouring

  • reinforcement

  • water­pro­ofing work


The LOEWE Hochbau team works with our customers in the indus­trial, private or public sector. We implement new turnkey construction projects or offer sub-trade contracting, and design recon­s­truc­tions of existing buildings on a large scale and taking into conside­ration aesthetic criteria. Our expertise includes renova­tions of facades and historic buildings as well as moder­nization of existing buildings.

LOEWE under­takes construction planning and execution in close coope­ration with archi­tects. We give old buildings a modern look and new utilization options. In the private sector, our extensive offer includes moder­nization of usable space, new turnkey construction, expansion and recon­s­truction of existing buildings.

  • New construction

  • general contractor

  • sub-trade contractor

  • moder­nization of existing buildings

  • planning

  • imple­men­tation


LOEWE Innenausbau carries out the entire spectrum of services in dry construction, tiling, electrical engineering, carpentry and ironwork. Hence all work runs smoothly and you avoid unnecessary inter­me­diation and delays in complex construction projects. The scope of services of LOEWE Innenausbau includes planning and execution of works on floors, walls and ceilings. Interior plastering, stucco, gypsum and screed work is also carried out profes­sio­nally by LOEWE’s specialist staff.

LOEWE Fliesen­technik division carries out tiling, jointing and laying work. We offer the full range of tile work on wall and floor surfaces with tiles and slabs of various materials, both in private homes and in industry, as well as for public clients.

LOEWE Elektro­technik division offers a whole range of services of a specia­lized electrical instal­lation contractor. LOEWE Elektro­technik performs electrical instal­la­tions, offers certified maintenance and testing of electrical devices and tools in accordance with appli­cable standards - the key word here is VdE “E-Check” - and also handles develo­pment and imple­men­tation of energy saving concepts in both commercial and private sectors.

In addition, the spectrum of our services includes:

  • telephone and intercom systems
  • BUS and SPS systems
  • indoor and outdoor lighting installations
  • fire alarm and fire protection installations
  • gate drives
  • meters
  • presen­tation and media techniques
  • EDP systems

The scope of services of LOEWE Holzbau includes planning, consulting and imple­men­tation of projects using wood. Owing to our masterful management and SCC** certi­fi­cation, we provide services for large industry clients, as well as for investors, archi­tects and private clients. LOEWE carries out turnkey carpentry projects in accordance with the client’s requirements.

Take advantage of LOEWE expertise: we advise at every stage of the work, including drafting project proposals tailored to your needs or providing helpful tips on material maintenance.

LOEWE has been carrying out dry construction works quickly and reliably for many years. Our clients are repre­sen­ta­tives of not only indus­trial sectors, but also the private and public sectors.


Would you like us to optimize your processes, develop new ideas together or implement sustainable solutions for your company? Then we are the partner you need. 

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