LOEWE carries out “turnkey” construction projects or offers sub-trade contracting. We have clients in indus­trial sectors, but also in private, public and insti­tu­tional sectors. We work with our clients on a daily basis as a partner in framework agree­ments and carry out construction tasks with archi­tects and planners in the field of design.


In the industry, LOEWE works hand in hand with the client and imple­ments turnkey construction projects or offers sub-trade contracting. Our services cover all the specialties necessary for the moder­nization, revita­lization, maintenance or construction of a new property. We prepare preli­minary calcu­la­tions, develop construction plans and carry out construction works. Owing to our construction department, we are able to react quickly and in an emergency, directly repair the damage.


With the pre-quali­fi­cation for the execution of contracts for public clients, LOEWE is a reliable partner for munici­pa­lities in the construction sector. Our activities include indus­trial construction, ground construction and interior recon­s­truction. We offer services in the field of moder­nization, revita­lization, maintenance and new construction. We carry out tasks both as a general contractor and under individual contracts..


LOEWE performs both large and smaller construction works for insti­tu­tions. We have experience in moder­nization, revita­lization and maintenance as well as in the construction of new buildings. We can discreetly carry out work in existing buildings. We have experience in renovating schools, confe­rence facilities and hotels. Timely and efficient course of construction works is our hallmark.

  • Turnkey projects as a general contractor


We carry out individual construction projects for the private sector. We work outside and inside buildings. Our trust­worthy team works discreetly and reliably. We are happy to help you create new concepts of living space or redesign existing ones.

  • Individual construction projects


Would you like us to optimize your processes, develop new ideas together or implement sustainable solutions for your company? Then we are the partner you need. 

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