LOEWE offers a full range of services in refractory lining for metal production and processing equipment This includes both the excavating of the worn refractory material, the relining, repair and maintenance of the various plants, as well as the recycling of the different materials.


LOEWE is a reliable partner for the refractory services of the coke oven battery. Using ceramic welding, we repair furnace walls and floors in coking plants around the world. We measure the areas which require repairing to achieve the ultimate and lasting effect of maintenance, and we fully document the work in accordance with the quality management guide­lines. With our own machines and qualified personnel, we are able to carry out repairs in the shortest possible time. We supply the right material for a variety of applications.

LOEWE also repairs the ceilings of coke ovens.

If you want to eliminate leaks from your battery, we have developed suitable methods to provide you with opera­tional support in achieving this goal.

On request, we offer support in the maintenance of the coke furnace battery.


LOEWE imple­ments ready-to-use blast furnace projects in the field of auxiliary instal­la­tions, trough systems and Cowper stoves. In terms of auxiliary instal­la­tions, we have an extensive experience in lining, e.g. in Claus plants.

For Cowpers maintenance and servicing, we provide our team to assist you in both hot blast line maintenance and servicing. LOEWE makes fillings and, upon request, drafts relevant documen­tation including thermal imaging.

Our specia­lists ensure maximum capacity in the lining and maintenance of your runner systems. We make partial lining, hot repairs or new linings reliably, on time and within your budget. We offer tamping, casting, filling and spraying. Our techni­cians and fitters have many years of experience in handling and processing all products for lining and repairing blast furnace systems.

LOEWE also performs lining, maintenance and servicing of transport units. We offer torpedo ladle rental, design and instal­lation of appro­priate drying rooms, as well as compre­hensive logistics for the lining and transport of torpedo ladles. We are happy to advise and plan the recon­s­truction of existing tanks.

Owing to our extensive expert knowledge, we are able to sustainably deliver ready-made units for the transport of pig iron. LOEWE has already trans­ported over 20 million tons of pig iron.


LOEWE has delivered over 700 converters, which confirms that we are a reliable partner for your steel plant. We eliminate the bottleneck and ensure high availa­bility of this core unit.

With our high compe­tence, we are able to maintain your converter in a sustainable way.

Our experience and knowledge guarantee high durability and short downtimes. With the compa­rative analyzes prepared by us, you will achieve your goals.

The expertise of our technology and develo­pment department includes provision of individual equipment for lining converters as well as handling equipment ensuring ergonomic and efficient work.

LOEWE employs an experi­enced team in the field of refractory linings for electric arc furnaces. Our team delivers ready-to-use ovens worldwide on time and reliably.

With sustainable furnace repair and lining concepts and the use of recycled materials, we offer intel­ligent solutions for maximum system availability.

The pig iron and steel ladles are the central transport and treatment vessels in the steel­plant. High lining quality is crucial for the safety of employees and equipment in the steelplant.

LOEWE offers its customers a full range of services from from excavating to ladle relining as well as maintenance and repla­cement of the purging plugs in the ladle circuit. In addition, we provide maintenance and lining of ladle slide gates.

Our well-estab­lished know-how and our own technical solutions for the optimal refractory lining of the ladle, such as hydraulic platforms and casting equipment, guarantee our customers a short lead time for ladle lining.

The secondary metallurgy of steel takes place in vacuum processing equipment. In addition to RH processing equipment, VD and VOD processing equipment are most commonly used.

LOEWE offers technical solutions for every system concept that guarantee a long service life and predic­table downtime. In addition to the refractory lining, these include gunning repairs and the setting of RH snorkels.

The vast majority of steel produced today is cast using the conti­nuous casting process. Therefore, tundishes are crucial in steel production. Apart from the brick and monolithic lining of tundish, the main everyday task of LOEWE is to perform wear lining by wet gunning technology or dry mass with the use of vibrating devices.

The prepa­ration of casting ladles includes the assembly of perfo­rated bricks, weirs, pots and baffle plates, as well as immersion nozzles and ladle plugs. Reliable mounting of shear blades for the immersion nozzles is of safety-relevant importance for opera­tional safety.

LOEWE offers its customers a full range of services, including documen­tation, in the prepa­ration of tundish on casting platforms.

In our workshops, we assemble the complete unit of slide valves promptly and on demand.

Slag pots are used not only for the transport of slag, but also as emergency vessel or for slag condi­tioning. In such cases, the pots are not only sprayed with a separating agent, but also lined with refractory concrete. LOEWE provides the necessary anchors and concrete.

There are few steel plants that use pig iron mixers. The experi­enced LOEWE team maintains and documents the condition of the mixers.


For over 5 decades, LOEWE has been a reliable technology partner for the steel processing industry. Each instal­lation of a refractory material requires accurate data on the material properties and energy-saving condi­tions. LOEWE works in a targeted manner on sustainable lining concepts of walking beam furnaces, rotary hearth furnaces, pusher furnaces, pit furnaces, bogie hearth kiln, annealing hood furnaces and many other furnace types. We provide timely and profes­sional work on the moder­nization or imple­men­tation of new linings for furnace systems.

In this parti­cular field, LOEWE provides customers with all services from a single source, starting with technical planning, through energy consulting, project planning and imple­men­tation. We are happy to work with you to develop new refractory solutions.


LOEWE provides refractory linings for heat treatment furnace systems for the aluminum, copper and lead indus­tries as well as for the production of alloys. For genera­tions, we have been sharing knowledge through our specia­lized and experi­enced employees.

  • aluminum smelting furnaces

  • brass smelting furnaces

  • lead smelting furnaces

  • alloy melting furnaces

  • reheating furnaces


LOEWE offers a full range of services in the foundry industry. We are a reliable partner in the imple­men­tation of processes, taking care of costs and timeliness.

  • Iron steel casting foundry

  • non-iron metals foundry


Would you like us to optimize your processes, develop new ideas together or implement sustainable solutions for your company? Then we are the partner you need. 

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