LOEWE has been the system partner in imple­menting sustainable ideas in furnace construction for more than 50 years. We handle the design, imple­men­tation and super­vision of all works in the construction of the furnace. In addition, our expertise is optimization of refractory linings. Energy savings and sustaina­bility are core for new and existing plants. Profes­sional handling of all types of refractory materials makes LOEWE a reliable techno­lo­gical partner. With more than 6,000 furnaces delivered, we are the experi­enced and reliable partner for you.

  • heating curves
  • refractory and steelwork design and construction
  • material selection
  • furnace inspec­tions and consulting

  • steel structures
  • thermal imaging camera analyses
  • heat transfer calculations


We coordinate recon­s­truc­tions of existing furnaces and the construction of new ones. We provide assis­tance at every stage of work - from planning and selecting the right project partner, through defining common goals, to imple­men­tation of the planned construction. Keeping deadlines and relia­bility are a matter of course for our team.


LOEWE works in a struc­tured and targeted manner on sustainable lining concepts for walking beam furnaces, rotary hearth furnaces, pusher furnaces, pit furnaces, bogie hearth kiln, annealing hood furnaces and many other furnace types. Our teams of engineers, foreman and brick­layers of refractory materials carry out renovation or new linings in furnaces in a timely and reliable manner.


In the specia­lized field of furnace construction, we offer not only refractory struc­tures, but also steel struc­tures, measu­rement and control technology, as well as burner technology, technical planning, consulting, project planning and imple­men­tation We select our project partners carefully and in accordance with the individual wishes of the client.
Project planning and management remain in LOEWE’s responsibility.


Would you like us to optimize your processes, develop new ideas together or implement sustainable solutions for your company? Then we are the partner you need. 

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