LOEWE is a recognized provider of system services in the industry. We analyze and adjust the inter­re­la­ti­onships in the human, machine and material chain as needed. We pave new paths, optimize what is known and share our experience with your teams.


LOEWE manufac­tures individual prefa­bri­cated refractory components such as suitably designed refractory shapes or sliding plate assem­blies. You will receive from us a dried and ready-to-use product as well as documen­tation. At the client’s request, we can obtain material or process an existing one. We are renowned for manufac­turer-independent advice, selection of materials and many years of experience in the imple­men­tation of refractory construction projects.


In addition to imple­men­tation of refractory struc­tures and steel struc­tures, LOEWE also supports its customers in optimizing the durability of the system and its individual components. With targeted actions, we are able to identify and utilise the cost reduction potential. Together with our clients, we set goals that we want and must achieve during project imple­men­tation. Only proven success deter­mines the quality of our work.


On request, LOEWE can provide all work equipment. These include means of transport, machinery, drying rooms or other technical units or infra­structure necessary to perform the tasks. We can also provide you with material suitable for your condi­tions. LOEWE offers complete know-how regarding this service. For this purpose, we employ a suitably qualified team of experts and work in accordance with the latest knowledge.


In secondary metallurgy, LOEWE offers end-to-end services. Such as management of tundish, with vacuum systems or auxiliary aggregates.
Ladles and tundishes are provided with lids at various points to reduce heat loss or to avoid process-related expulsion. Lids supplied by LOEWE are ready to use. In addition to the delivery of the lids, our services also cover design and manufacture of the steel struc­tures. By optimizing all stages of production, we are able to guarantee the highest availa­bility at the right quality and optimized costs. Low material consumption is an essential element of our concept.


Would you like us to optimize your processes, develop new ideas together or implement sustainable solutions for your company? Then we are the partner you need. 

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